One-stop overseas warehouse service

German warehouse + Polish warehouse double warehouse operation, join us now to enjoy free double warehouse inventory mutual adjustment privilege

About Procent Warehouse

Procent Warehouse is a European warehouse invested and constructed by our company (Procent Poland sp. z oo) in Germany and Poland in 2017. It mainly provides services such as product storage, order dispatching, FBA relocation and item re-labeling. A variety of cross-border e-commerce services such as handling returns and inspection, and arranging shipment to China. Modern warehouse, professional online inventory management system, high efficient work force, perfect security facilities, which make sure that our customers' goods can be stored and handled efficiently and safely. Our professional technical support team can add new functions according to customer needs, to meet customer customized services.

  • Focus on European market for 4 years
  • Multinational company culture
  • Multi language customer service team
  • Warehouse space over 21,500 square meters
  • Daily processing capacity: 6000 orders
  • Total handled amount so far: 6161400 orders

What we do

  • Storage and logistics one-stop service: receiving inbound items, updating inventory data to system, sending out outbound orders, receiving and processing returns. Multiple inbound methods: Accept multiple inbound methods such as by containers, pallets, cartons, and airfreight. Transfer of goods between different warehouses: receive goods transferred from other warehouses in EU. Single order dispatch: Provide one-piece order dispatch service for Amazon, Ebay, Wish, Aliexpress and other platforms

  • FBA carton transfer: cartons stored in our warehouse and can be forwarded to FBA warehouse according to requirment
    FBA item re-label service: Receive the goods removed from Amazon warehouse, and re-label them with new the Amazon barcode labels, and send them back to the FBA warehouse

  • Accept Amazon FBA and other warehouse returns, and provide taking pictures and product inspection service

  • According to our client's needs, we can re-pack and send back items back to China.


Our advantage

It is our mission to deliver customers' goods economically and safely to the end market of the One Belt One Road!

Online, real-time , convenient communication

We have a multi language customer service team who can communicate with our clients through internet and phone efficiently.

Excellent location and wide arrange of coverage

We have warehouses in both Germany and Poland, which enable us to delivery items to all EU market with high efficiency and low costs.

Low charges and high efficiency

While providing high-standard services, our charges are lower than other warehouses.

Fast and on time delivery

Maintain in-depth cooperation with German and Polish logistic service providers, and the scope of delivery covers all EU countries. At the same time, we are actively developing other cost-effective delivery methods.

Procent Warehouse

Professional services such as accepting inbound items, single order delivery, FBA relocation and re-abeling items. Modern European warehouses, equipped with efficient online inventory management systems.In-depth cooperation with many logistic companies in Germany and Poland, we are committed to provid one-stop storage and logistics services for European and other oversea sellers.















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